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Healthy. Active. Engaged.

What do you like to do? What have you always wanted to try, but never found the time? As part of our Mission—to facilitate meaningful connections between people, communities, and cultures—we want to help you develop your interests, explore new ones, and engage with your community in a deeper way than ever before. Bring your ambitions to us, and let us turn them into realities. In between your active days, spend time relaxing and enjoying our numerous amenities.

Koi Pond These ponds provide a place to meditate or meet a friend.
Tai Chi Begin meditative mornings with this classic Chinese practice.
Art Space Allow your creativity to flourish with our supplies and classes.
Salon Take time to treat yourself and look and feel your best.
Underground Parking Your car or your scooter will be just as safe and secure as you are.
Elevators No matter where your suite is, getting around is always easy.
State-of-the-Art Security System Safety is number one, and so is our security system. It features GPS, fall detection, and 24/7 emergency response staff ready to support every resident.
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Life in Harmony.