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Nutritious. Healthy. Refined.

Whether your palate prefers familiar favourites or cultural cuisines, you will be satisfied by every meal. Our chefs are experts in pan-Pacific fare, so every resident will feel comfortable trying new things, comforted by the knowledge that every meal will be more delicious than the one before.

North American Canadian, American, and even Mexican choices will make regular appearances on the menu. Burgers, poutine, and tacos only scratch the surface of what our home continent has invented.
Japanese Enjoy sushi, miso soup, and other delicacies surrounded by our Japanese-inspired decor, complete with a Koi pond. The beauty of Japan appears both inside and outside Wisteria Place. Sugoi!
Chinese Chinese is one of the world’s most widespread cuisines, and it finds a permanent home on our menu. Dumplings, wonton soup, and more are available to try: always served with rice and vegetables like gai lan, bok choy, and yu choy.
From the Earth Richmond is home to local specialties like berries, seafood, and more. We strive to support local farmers and enjoy their nutritious homegrown offerings.
Dietary Restrictions For those with dietary limitations like low sodium, diabetic needs, or a vegetarian lifestyle, there will be satisfying options for you to stay satisfied and energized.
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