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Making the transition to an independent senior community is a significant and important one. Choosing a particular community to join makes the decision even bigger. But Wisteria Place is on your side. The wellbeing of seniors and their families is our first concern. No matter where you decide to live, we want to help you make the decision that suits you and your individual needs.

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The following are important things for every senior to consider.

Cost of Living The primary thing that turns many seniors away from considering the transition to independent living is sticker shock. But it’s important to consider that living at Wisteria Place is all-inclusive. Imagine if you could consolidate all of your current bills into one monthly payment: food, utilities, rent, entertainment, activities, fitness classes, social clubs, wellness consultations, information sessions, and more. Chances are that the cost of Wisteria Place will be near the same, if not less. You may have more resources than you think!
Quality of Care At Wisteria Place, where independent living is the way, we are guided by our core values of care and compassion. We ensure that our Wellness Team—which includes emergency responders and an attentive Wellness Manager with a nursing background—are trained and ready to help with consultations, assessments, information sessions, and efficient emergency response. If your health shifts, the Wellness Team is ready to connect you with the resources you need to age in place here, in your home. Simply put, our outstanding quality of care is woven into the very fabric of everyday life at Wisteria Place.
Value of Community As someone very wise once said, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” The desire for a harmonious community is not simply kept at the back of our minds—it is our guiding philosophy. We offer unparalleled community life, ensuring every day will be filled with the kind of friendship and cooperation that could only be found in a place like this.

Like a stone dropping into a Koi Pond, our communities within communities radiate out in concentric circles, each enveloping and incorporating the other. Wisteria Place in Steveston, Steveston in Richmond. And at the centre of it all is you, with your family and friends.

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