Visitation Update
March 23rd, 2022

The Ministry of Health has made several changes to visitors going into a residential seniors' community, and Wisteria Place has also made changes for our residents in the community. I would like to share the changes and how it affects Wisteria Place. We need to understand that visitation rules in our community aim to protect vulnerable seniors and elders in a residential setting from COVID-19 while lessening the negative impacts of being apart from family and friends. 

With the changes to visitation effective March 18th, 2022, we are happy to share the “Overview of Visitation” for Supportive Living, which reflects the following points listed below:

Residents living at Wisteria Place:

• You no longer have to wear a mask. It is your personal choice to wear one if you want to. Please respect each others’ views and do what you feel is right for your own safety.

• No restrictions in the elevator, private dining room, or salon for the number of persons.

• When hosting events, we will still maintain physical distance when possible. 

• Social visitation is now allowed in our community in all common areas.

• Family/visitors will be able to engage in community activities and must sign up at the Concierge desk prior to the activity to ensure that spots are available.

• Residents will not have to wear masks on the bus (only the driver and volunteers).

• Residents going on outings, please check with the concierge if you require a mask for the event you are attending. Restaurants still require a mask until April 2022. When leaving the building, always have a mask with you and a QRC Passport as the owner/operator can decide on their own rules.

• Hand sanitizing will remain in effect in the dining room at mealtimes.

• Hand washing and hand sanitizing will be encouraged at all events to ensure we do not spread germs.

Visitors coming into Wisteria Place:

• Visitors (staff, contractors, family members, and care aides) coming into Wisteria Place will have to wear a mask everywhere. There are no exceptions.

• Visitors (staff, contractors, family members, and care aides) coming into the building must show proof of vaccination with a QRC Passport and Photo ID to enter the building. If you are a frequent visitor, you can register your QRC Passport with Concierge Desk so you do not have to show it every time that you come in.

• All visitors must sign in to the Guest Book and take their temperature. Screening is mandatory.

• If a guest is booked for dining reservations, they must wear a mask until they are seated in the dining room. They must dine only with the resident who invited them. No other residents will be allowed at that table.

Feeling sick with COVID-like symptoms:

• Antigen test kits are on site if you have any COVID-like symptoms. If you are not sure, call the Concierge to ask for assistance.

• If you are sick, please do not come out of your suite and call the Concierge for tray service. 

Wisteria Place has been a very safe place to live. We have had very few COVID cases and no outbreaks because you have all been very careful to protect yourselves and each other. We are very thankful that our lives inside the walls of Wisteria Place are able to continue in a safe manner. Physical distance, hand washing, hand sanitizing, wearing masks, taking care of yourselves, and staying in your suites when feeling sick are all huge factors. Team members went home and were isolated when they were sick. As we now lift some of the restrictions, please do not let down your guard and continue to take care of yourself and support other residents to remain safe.

Should you have any questions regarding the changes, please feel free to reach out to me. You can call me at (604) 204-0910, send me an email, or directly come to my office. The door is always open for you.

Sheila Lively
General Manager, Wisteria Place