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Living Options

Wisteria Place is for Independent Living seniors. Independent living is for seniors who are able to live on their own but want the convenience of community living.

Life at Wisteria Place

Our vision is to create a better future, where people of all cultures and faiths live harmoniously together. There are important things that we need to manifest this vision. Good people, a good place, and a good sense of community are where our list begins, but it ends with the most important element of all: you. To realize our dream, we need people who want to turn the page of their lives into an exciting new chapter full of compassion, curiosity, purposefulness, and harmony. Wisteria Place is more than a seniors’ residence, it is a vision for the future. Join us.

Choose From Studio, One Bedroom, and Two Bedroom Apartments

Live in a home that meets your needs. Three apartment sizes are available at Wisteria Place, so you can enjoy as much space as you like. We offer independent living options for seniors who are able to live on their own, but want the convenience of community living.

A Healthy Body, A Steady Mind

Health and Wellness

Good mental and physical health is part of everyday life at Wisteria Place. The food you eat, the activities you take part in, the people you interact with: it’s all curated to provide a lifestyle of the most invigorating kind.

An elderly man playing ping pong, a fun activity for seniors
Intentional Design

With every decision that formed Wisteria Place’s foundations—both physical and ideological—the resident experience was considered. How you will meet with your friends, how you will embrace the community, how will you move through space: we’ve thought through it all.

A Wisteria Place senior housing dining room with Christmas decor
Japanese Influence

We have borrowed much from Japan, a country that reports some of the highest standards of senior living on the planet, and incorporated it into our architecture, suites, food, and lifestyle options. Begin every day in a little Land of the Rising Sun, and end them with a renewed sense of peace.

The front door of a Wisteria Place senior apartment
Live Vibrantly

Our employees are dedicated, welcoming, and resourceful. Our customer service team are trained and in place to foster caring relationships through meaningful connections, activities, consultations, and supportive resources. Certified and ready for emergency response 24/7, they also provide helpful housekeeping and reliable building maintenance services.

A group of men and women practicing tai chi for seniors in a green field