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Wisteria Place Newsletter December 2023

Posted on December 15th, 2023

Discover 3 Ways
to Celebrate the Season

As the holiday season approaches, seniors are presented with unique opportunities to make the most of this festive time. Senior living doesn't mean missing out on the joy of the holidays; in fact, it opens the door to new and exciting ways to celebrate.

Let’s explore three wonderful ways seniors can embrace the holiday season and create meaningful memories:
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Discover a variety of fun events at Wisteria Place, including crafts, bingo, meditation, fitness, and movie nights. With something for everyone, come join our vibrant community and experience the joy of participating.
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Recently at Wisteria Place

Remembrance Day

We had the opportunity to respectfully honour all those who have and continue to fight for our country. We were grateful to be visited by some family as well to recognize the day together.


Recently we made Dreamcatchers and Rain Makers! Being taught how to recognize our community's various cultures through art is such a blessing.

Fashion Show

To be honest...we think our first ever fashion show is one of our favourite events we've ever held! So many participated and we all had the time of our lives.

Christmas Party 

The only thing better than having a Christmas party is working together as a community to make it happen. From baking festive goods to creating the decorations, we had the greatest time!


Celebrating a variety of cultural holidays is a priority here at Wisteria Place, and Diwali was no exception! It was a pleasure to celebrate through music, dancing, henna, and more.

EnBlanc Happy Hour

How do you make Happy Hour more exciting? Give it a theme! We had the greatest time at our EnBlanc Happy Hour where all residents and guests wore white!

Trees at the Cannery

The local Gulf of Georgia Cannery is holding the Steveston Festival of Trees throughout December, and a handful of our community went to visit!

Performance by Gustavo Herrera

An outstanding performance concert tenor by Gustavo Herrera voice left our residents speechless.

A special feature mini-documentary

Be Free Be You

Embrace your later years
Health benefits of a social and active lifestyle with Dr. Wagg (AHS Chair in Healthy Ageing, Department of Medicine, University of Alberta)

Be Free, Be You features residents living their best lives at Optima Living communities. Discover how active senior living empowers people to thrive and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle rediscovering their interests or exploring new ones.

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